Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

Our good friends Josh and Jenny Solar of The Happy Family Movement are back for the second year of The Summer Bucket List. This is also our second time around doing the challenge. Last summer, we didn't accomplish as much as we wanted to. BUT our goal this year is to cross off as many items as we can. And we are off to a good start. We've already crossed two items off our list. I'll be blogging the photos and sharing a bit about our adventures.

Here is our 2012 summer bucket list:

Build a sandcastle
Do a geocache
Go to the beach
Slip and slide
Shaving cream slip and slide
Go to a movie
Flashlight tag
House warming BBQ
Backyard camping
Camping with friends
Build fire pit
Ice cream from ice cream truck
Learn to swim
Breakfast for dinner
Find the best chocolate chip cookie recipe
Coffee can homemade ice cream
Eat a whole meal of foods we've never tried
Build a garden
Make some new friends
Go screen free for a whole week
Berry picking
Get sno-cones
Make banana splits
Make your own pizza night
Go to the farmer's market
Go out to dinner to a sit down place as a family
Explore the creek
Catch some tadpoles, toads, frogs
Go seining
Make popsicles
Play mini golf
Play a family football game
Family game night
Buffet night
Go to a drive-in
Go hiking
Summer reading program at the library
Lazy day
Build a kids picnic table
Build a new dining room table and benches with help from everybody
Save for a trampoline

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